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Through hard work, we launched an industry and changed the world

At Alcoa, we believe our legacy is our call to action. Dating back to 1886, we launched an industry with our world-changing discovery that made aluminum an affordable and vital part of modern life. With an unrivaled foundation of operational excellence, we’ve spent more than a century refining our processes to develop next-generation technologies that shape how we live, build, move and fly.

Discover Alcoan innovations that changed the world.

Our Purpose

We Turn Raw Potential into Real Progress
Our Purpose extends beyond what we make today. It’s why we exist and how we make the world better. It reflects what we’ve always been and provides clear direction for our future and helps keep us rooted to our strengths.

Our Purpose helps guide every goal we set, decision we make, action we take and strategy we implement.

Evolving the Aluminum Industry

We are making something real at Alcoa. It’s more than incremental improvements —we are unlocking the value inside our people and processes to change the industry and shape the world we live in.

Our products help customers solve problems in a carbon-constrained world. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive low-carbon product portfolio, Sustana. We evaluate new partnerships that create materials for tomorrow’s sustainable economy. And we support recycling through innovative breakthrough technologies.



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