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Headquartered in Tuttlingen, Germany, with roots across the globe: The CHIRON Group network spans the world, is constantly growing, and knows no bounds in transnational cooperation. Service and sales branches, as well as selected sales representatives, maintain close contact with customers and prospects, provide professional support and advice, and swift assistance, when necessary.


  • Automotive

    Move fast, always arrive safely, with high-precision, unit cost-oriented process solutions from the CHIRON Group for automotive and new drive concepts. Developed from decades of experience, realized with the knowledge of future challenges.

  • Medical Technology

    Reliably implement specifications for surface quality, precision and dynamics. Implement stable, productive processes from machining centers at the CHIRON Group, developed using the expertise of the Medical & Precision Technology Center.

  • Aerospace

    Take off safely, land with precision: Machine sophisticated components efficiently and with a high level of quality. Use the best future-proof operational procedures from machining centers at the CHIRON Group. Prepare for the specific tasks of the Aerospa

  • Precision Technology

    Every workpiece a masterpiece: extraordinary precision, perfect surfaces. Achieved by machining centers from the CHIRON Group, developed with the experience of the Medical & Precision Technology Center. For micrometer-precise dreams made from gold, platin

  • Tool Manufacturing

    Are you manufacturing small and large series? Fast, economical, ready to use immediately? Need high precision and maximum flexibility? No question, with the right tools: Machining centers from the CHIRON Group.

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Productive and reliable processes for all parts provided by machining centers at the CHIRON Group. Harness fast, precise machining to create the most varied workpieces, yielding peak performance from the very first workpiece.



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