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Get the right nutrition for your animals
With a rapidly growing world population and rising standards of living, demands on agriculture and food production are increasing. Food production must be optimised and made accessible in a responsible manner. As a leading supplier of nutritional products for animals, De Heus directly supports the performance of farmers, the producers of animal protein such as meat, milk, eggs, and fish.

Besides delivering high quality feeds, we also offer in-depth knowledge about nutrition, animal health, animal husbandry and animal farming, helping customers achieve efficiency and make technological progress. We also help farmers improve their ecological footprint.

Animal Nutrition Feed Types

See the difference for yourself

  • Balancing the nutritional requirements of animals with the needs of an ever-more demanding world is a daily challenge. At De Heus, our approach to feeding has never been about simple solutions. We carefully examine each step of the process, from the quality of raw ingredients to the nutritional benefits of individual ingredients for each animal group. We also study the health gains and examine nutritional values within life cycles to understand how specific formulas perform in different climates and environments.

The types of feed we offer

  • Every farm is different, with its own challenges and objectives, but a key drivers of success is always keeping animals healthy and adjusting to local environmental conditions. With our portfolio, we offer a range of nutritional products specifically designed for each life stage and tailored to your specific farm situation.


  • Farmers

    Small scale and large scale livestock and aquaculture farmers

  • Integrations

    Integrations that produce their own feed

  • Dealers

    Dealers who service local farmers



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