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Emerald Textiles was originally founded in 2010 in Otay Mesa of San Diego, California, as the first facility in 30 years to invest in the most advanced technology available to serve the San Diego market. The organization was formed with the vision to offer the most environmentally responsible healthcare laundry service, providing the highest levels of cleanliness and customer service. Emerald San Diego was the first facility of its caliber in advanced technology and design planning in the United States. Emerald Textiles began by employing an experienced workforce and specialized controls to exceed customer expectations and industry standards consistently.

In 2011, Emerald Textiles’ received the Savings by Design Award from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and San Diego Gas & Electric for energy conservation and savings. The new advanced technology, equipment, and utilities were all designed and implemented in an environmentally responsible manner, saving approximately 120,000,000 gallons of water and over 750,000 therms of natural gas annually. San Diego Gas & Electric also awarded Emerald Textiles the Energy Champion Award at the annual SDG&E Energy Showcase in recognition of the company’s advanced design and energy efficiency. Energy Champions saved more than 55 million kilowatt hours annually combined, an environmental and energy impact equivalent to removing more than 3,000 cars from the road.

As the business grew, Emerald added on a second location in Riverside and Los Angeles to serve major hospital networks throughout Southern California. In 2018, Emerald Textiles and Encore Textile Services in Northern California and Nevada merged as one company to service a wider breadth of growing markets under the same successful business model and mantra, Clean Matters™, as environmentally responsible facility operations that customers value. 

Today, Emerald Textiles is a world-class commercial company operating twelve processing facilities, two service depots, and serving nearly 2,000 customers as the largest acute healthcare linen service commercial business operating in California, Nevada, Utah and Phoenix. As Emerald continues to expand, our mantra remains the same: Clean Matters. Emerald continues to deliver consistent, high-quality products through a fully managed linen service program that meets today’s highest standards and demands in healthcare.

Emerald Textiles

  • Patient Linen Care

    Designed for Patient Comfort, Safety and Satisfaction

  • Garments and Apparel

    Delivering Hygienically Clean Healthcare Scrubs and Apparel

  • Environmental Services Products

    Delivering Hygienically Clean Microfiber, Dust Control and Dietary Products

  • Customized Linen Packs

    Custom Built to Streamline Your Operations



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Emerald Textiles

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