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We like to define ourselves inventors of solutions.

We don’t simply design and manufacture machines for the food industry. The know-how gained in over 35 years of experience in the field of food plants has allowed us to create our own method, which ensures an efficient production cycle to each customer who entrusts a project to us.

Thanks to Fenco’s expertise and know-how, we can create customized solutions for the processing of tomatoes, fruit and vegetables.

On the occasion of the twelfth edition of the prestigious Le Fonti Awards®, which consecrates the excellence of the business world, Fenco received the Excellence of the Year Award for Innovation & Leadership Solutions for the Agri-food Industry awarded to companies that have distinguished themselves for their high specialization, quality, attention to the environment and the added value of its products.

Fenco is a strategic partner alongside its customers.
Our method is consulting approach. RThis means that we implement functional technological solutions with the aim of ensuring an efficient production cycle, alongside specialists, agronomists, and technologists.

  • We guarantee the quality of the product.
  • We improve the performance of processed raw material processes.
  • We accelerate the development of our customers

Thanks to the Fenco Method, we are the world leader in designing, manufacturing, and installing spiral systems for pasteurization, cooling and freezing of food products packaged in flexible containers, since 2006.

Our solutions focus on 4 pillars: 4 pillars:

  • Optimize yield.
  • "Stress" the raw material as less as possible.
  • Reduce waste.
  • Indirectly guarantee more revenue for the customer.




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