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Hänsel Processing GmbH, headquartered in Hannover with around 150 employees, has been developing, producing, and installing multifunctional production plants for the confectionery industry for over 100 years.

With "sweet competence" as the guiding principle, the company conducts its research and product development as a full-service provider. It is also a globally recognized innovator in the confectionery industry with its deep processing knowledge.

The company maintains international customer service with highly qualified service technicians committed to the demand for maximum machine availability and preventative maintenance.

Hänsel Processing, owned by the POSSEHL Group in Lübeck, has, since 2018, a solid network of industrial service providers and a strong network. As a leading investor in German-speaking SMEs, it develops future-oriented technology approaches, its incubator PMB and new business areas.


  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Competitive
  • Resistant

Hänsel Processing Gmbh

  • Hard Candies & Lollipops

    They are in use by the confectionery industry worldwide to produce high-quality complex candy products successfully and economically.

  • Toffees, eclairs & chewy candies

    Toffee and chewy candy production lines work successfully for customers in the confectionery industry worldwide to produce toffee, chewy candy, and caramel products.

  • Bars & Torrone

    Suited for excellent foam sugar products, nougat, candy bars, other aerated confectionery products, caramel toppings, and granola bars.

  • Fruit Gummies, jelly Fruits, Marshmallow

    It doesn't matter which products your market demands – our systems always offer a customized and economical solution.

  • Fondant

    The Hänsel fondant systems produce high-quality fondants that meet the individual wishes of many customers worldwide.

  • Nutraceuticals & OTC Supplements

    Our plants process OTC supplements and nutraceuticals in both liquid and powder form.



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Hänsel Processing Gmbh

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