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“For Earth, For Life”
the Kubota Group promises to continue supporting the prosperous life of humans while protecting the environment of this beautiful earth.

Kubota provides solutions leveraging a diverse range of products, technologies, and services, in the fields of food, water, and the environment, all of which are indispensable parts of our lives. We are engaged in wide range of business; agricultural solutions that support the world’s diet, water-related solutions that regenerate and deliver safe water, and living environment solutions that support comfortable lifestyles and industry. We pay close attention to opinions from actual work sites. Also, we value a hands-on approach that gives form to customers’ real needs, while also working to address social issues on a global scale. From one grain of rice and one drop of water to the foundations of society and industry, Kubota Solutions support people’s lives.

A Total Solutions Company that Shapes the Future of Farming

In addition to developing and manufacturing agricultural machinery, Kubota offers agricultural solutions that provide comprehensive support for all stages, from production to processing and consumption of agricultural products. In response to global agricultural challenges, such as food shortages and a decline in farm workers, Kubota is pursuing initiatives that focus on the future of farming, including the integration of IoT into agriculture, exports of Japanese rice, quality measurement technology that visualizes the added value of agricultural products, and developing ways to make bread and pasta using brown rice. We will continue to incorporate new technologies and reshape agriculture to meet the needs of the times as a total agricultural solutions company that goes beyond the realm of a machinery manufacturer.

Leading the Next Generation of Farming with Smart Agriculture to Achieve Ultra Energy Efficiency and Precision



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